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Nano Yellow Tungsten Oxide Price on May 13, 2022

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Nano Yellow Tungsten Oxide

Basic Trading Condition
Product Name Nano Yellow Tungsten Oxide
Details Purity:99.90%Particle
Size: 100~300nm
Payment:T/T in advance
Delivery Time: in 20 working days
Note: Re-check when quantity changed
Contact Tel.:+86 592 512 9595  +86 592 512 9696
Fax.:+86 592 512 9797
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What is Nano Yellow Tungsten Oxide?

Yellow tungsten oxide (WO3, Nano Yellow Tungsten Oxide) is an oxide of tungsten with a yellow powder appearance. Two different particles of yellow tungsten oxide are different in size and show different colors. When the crystal size is about 1.5um, it appears yellow; when the crystal size is about 15um, it appears green. Although the appearance is different, the characteristics are similar.

Physical Properties Of Nano Yellow Tungsten Oxide:

Physical properties: yellow or bright green, finely divided yellow crystal powder, loose specific gravity 2.3~2.8g/cm3.

Appearance and characteristics: yellow powder, stable at room temperature, the product passes through 80 mesh screen.

Nano Yellow Tungsten Oxide Application:

1. As an important intermediate in tungsten metallurgy industry, yellow tungsten oxide is widely used in metal tungsten powder and tungsten carbide powder, and then used in the production of metal tungsten products.

2. Part of yellow tungsten oxide is used in the production of chemical products, such as tungstate; due to its rich yellow color, it is used as a pigment for ceramics and paint production; it has catalytic properties and is used in petroleum industry catalysts, etc.

3. Fireproof fabrics and gas sensors for industrial X-ray screen phosphor production.

4. It has semiconductor photocatalytic properties and has been extensively studied as a photocatalyst (photocatalyst).

Nano Yellow Tungsten Oxide Packaging:

25kg or 50kg net weight, packed in double-layer polyethylene plastic bags inside, and plastic drums/iron drums as outer packaging; vacuum packaging or other net weight requirements, or the order weight is less than the standard packaging specifications, customized according to the actual situation; conventional packaging is Product name + batch number and other neutral text printing//writing, if you need personalized content, you can also customize.

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