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How is Tungsten Smelted? - Interesting Facts of Tungsten

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Tungsten exists in the form of wolframite tungsten disulfide. The most important ore of WS2 is tungstate, such as scheelite (calcium tungstate, CaWO4), smithsonite (lead tungstate, PbWO4), wolframite (ferrous tungstate, FeWO4) and manganese tungstate (Mnwo4) or a mixture of both. Tungsten ore is concentrated through magnetic and mechanical processes, and then the concentrate is melted with alkali. The crude melt is leached with water to obtain sodium tungstate solution. After acidification, aqueous tungsten trioxide is precipitated from it, and then the oxide is dried and reduced to metal with hydrogen.

Indexable Tungsten Cemented Carbide coated Blades/Inserts

Indexable Tungsten Cemented Carbide coated Blades/Inserts

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