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Tungsten Gold Scam? - Interesting Facts of Tungsten

From Zhenghua, CTIA, Xiamen, China   Published on Thursday, 16 Jun 2022 19:25 Hits:  

Although tungsten does not have the beautiful and charming luster of gold, its density is only less than 0.36% lower than that of gold, which means that if you cover a layer of gold on the tungsten brick, and then just rely on the test, the weight of the tungsten brick wrapped with gold is almost as heavy as gold, which will give you the illusion that it is a gold brick. Similarly, if you include a certain amount and shape of metal tungsten in smelting gold, it is also difficult to be found, this is a gold doped and/or mixed tungsten scam that often appears long-standing, which is illegal. Of course, another extremely expensive fraud of selling tungsten is the result of the fact that the buyer is not familiar with the tungsten market and has a lot of money. He or she shall contact with China Tungsten Online timely or visit our website frequently.

Gold Plated tungsten carbide rings

Gold Plated tungsten carbide rings have excellent appearance, color and hardness, are more beautiful and generous, and are economical. For many people, their applicability is no less than that of real gold rings.

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