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What's Tungsten Cemented Carbide Thread Passing Nozzle?

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Thread nozzle, also known as thread passing die, thread passing nozzle, etc. It is a tubular structure that can realize the functions of clamping and outgoing line. Generally, it is a winding machine part whose shape is a cylinder and the internal hollow pipes are connected into one to form a raceway, which is used for threading and winding, preventing jumper and precise winding.

The motor nozzle can be processed and produced with alloy steel, ruby, tungsten cemented carbide and other materials. It is made of tungsten carbide alloy or carbon steel heat treated by precision grinding and polishing with professional processing equipment. Excellent bending resistance and wear resistance. It is widely used for winding stator and rotor coils in series excitation, fan, micro-motor, motor and other industries. The main products are motor nozzle, tungsten carbide nozzle, ruby nozzle, anti-jumper, combined wire wheel, porcelain wheel, ceramic eye, tensioner, tension-meter and other precision winding machine parts.

Types of Tungsten Cemented Carbide Thread Passing Nozzle

Types of Tungsten Cemented Carbide Thread Passing Nozzle (Tungsten Cemented Carbide Wire Nozzle, Tungsten Cemented Carbide wire die)

The tungsten cemented carbide motor nozzle is precision machined with tungsten cemented carbide base material, and its base material is precision machined with ultra-fine particle tungsten carbide powder. The hardness of tungsten cemented carbide made nozzles is more than HRA90 and the bending resistance is more than 2300n / mm; Special equipment is used for precision grinding the inner hole roughness reach Ra0 1. The roughness at R at both ends can reach Ra0.025. The curvature radius of the inlet and outlet at both ends is scientifically designed to ensure smooth and natural line passing. Compared with the ruby nozzle, there are no steps in the nozzle hole due to the overall material processing, which improves the phenomenon of easy bending and blocking. Both ends and inner holes of the nozzle of cemented carbide motor are processed by mirror, so as to ensure that the enameled wire is not damaged. It has high rigidity and hardness, is not easy to bend and block, and is resistant to impact. It is suitable for processing in industries such as multi strand parallel winding coil of all kinds of motors.

Ruby Passing Nozzle

Ruby Passing Nozzle has also become an important nozzle material for its excellent performance as tungsten cemented carbide passing nozzles.

Cemented carbide nozzle is an important accessory widely used in winding machine. The below mentioned points are relatively key. No matter how beautiful the surface finish is, it has nothing to do with the quality of the wound products. It's just beautiful, and the internal good is worthy of attention. The key to high-quality cemented carbide nozzle is:

Finish of Tungsten Cemented Carbide Nozzle Orifice

Its position is at the junction of inner hole and arc angle, which cannot be seen by visual method. It can only be observed by side with the help of high-power magnifying glass. If there is an obvious junction mark at the junction of inner hole and arc angle, the result is to scratch the enameled wire. If it is a high-quality nozzle, the junction of inner hole and arc angle is a natural transition without junction mark. 

Types of Tungsten Cemented Carbide Thread Passing Nozzle

Types of Tungsten Cemented Carbide Thread Passing Nozzle (Tungsten Cemented Carbide Wire Nozzle, Tungsten Cemented Carbide wire die)

Finish of Inner Hole of Tungsten Cemented Carbide Nozzle

It is also very critical to the quality of products. In the process of product winding, the enameled wire is in a jumping state in the inner hole of the nozzle. If the inner hole grinding is not handled well, it is inevitable to scrape the wire. It is worth reminding that there are many inner holes of alloy nozzles in the market that have not undergone precise grinding or simple rough processing, so users need to polish their eyes.

Dimensional Accuracy of Inner Diameter of Tungsten Carbide Nozzle

For the wire nozzle manufactured by precision processing, its inner hole accuracy can be controlled within 0.01mm. If the inner hole size is large or small, it is a disaster for users. The phenomenon of wire breakage will often occur, and it is also easy to produce poor insulation or turn to turn short circuit of the wound coil.

Accuracy of Installation Dimension o Tungsten Cemented Carbide Nozzle

It is necessary to ensure the consistency according to the installation size. If it is large, it is difficult to install the fixture into the equipment, and if it is small, it is easy to fall out of the fixture and affect the adjustment accuracy.

One designing of Tungsten Cemented Carbide Thread Passing Nozzles

One designing of Tungsten Cemented Carbide Thread Passing Nozzles 

R-shape of the Tip and Tail of Tungsten Cemented Carbide Thread Passing Nozzle

The R shape of the head and tail is also the key part of the thread nozzle. Too large or too small R will affect the quality and tolerable tension of the product.

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