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Why Supersonic Tungsten Cemented Carbide Nozzle?

From Zhenghua, CTIA, Xiamen, China   Published on Wednesday, 01 Jun 2022 17:49 Hits:  

Among all the process parameters of laser cutting, the auxiliary gas pressure and gas flow characteristics are important factors affecting the cutting quality.

There is no oxygen in the laser cutting gas flow with inert gas as the auxiliary gas, and no metal oxide will be formed in the cut. The viscosity of the molten pure metal is much smaller than that of its oxide, which can be easily blown away. Therefore, it is easy to form a smaller heat affected zone and a smoother cutting surface without oxide impurities. On the contrary, when cutting thick steel plates, such as carbon steel, oxygen is used as the auxiliary gas, because the oxide viscosity of iron is low, it is easier to remove from the cut; Because stainless steel contains chromium, while molten chromium oxide has high viscosity and is easy to adhere to the side wall of the incision, oxygen is also used as an auxiliary gas, and the processing quality of stainless steel is worse than that of carbon steel. If the gas pressure is not high at this time, it is difficult to remove these oxides.

The same problem also occurs when cutting aluminum, titanium alloys and Cr, Al and Ti alloys, because molten aluminum and titanium oxides also have high viscosity, which are difficult to cut materials. Therefore, in order to obtain good cutting quality, the auxiliary gas must have higher pressure. Supersonic Cemented Carbide Nozzle came into being to solve this kind of problem.

Design diagram of a patented Supersonic Tungsten Cemented Carbide Nozzle

Design diagram of a patented Supersonic Tungsten Cemented Carbide Nozzle

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