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What Are Functions of Molybdenum Disulfide in Fluoroplastics Industry?

From Zhenghua, CTIA, Xiamen, China   Published on Wednesday, 01 Jun 2022 18:40 Hits:  

What are applications of plastic in daily life? 

1,General purpose plastics: large output, wide application, good formability and low price. Widely used in daily necessities, packaging materials and small mechanical parts. Its output accounts for about 90% of the world's total plastics, also known as bulk plastics, most of which are thermoplastics.

2,Special plastics: plastics with special properties in a certain aspect used in special environments, also known as functional plastics, such as medical plastics, magnetically conductive plastics, thermally conductive plastics, superconducting plastics, radiation-resistant plastics, high-temperature plastics, etc. These plastics have small output, high price and excellent performance.

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3,Engineering plastics: plastics that can be used as engineering structural materials with excellent mechanical properties, can withstand mechanical stress in a wide temperature range and are used in harsh chemical and physical environments. Small output, high price, excellent chemical properties, wear resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, self-lubrication and dimensional stability, this kind of plastic also has some metal properties, which can replace some metal materials for the manufacture of structural parts and transmission parts. They are widely used in machinery manufacturing, light industry, electronics, aerospace, missiles, atomic energy and other industrial fields.

What are functions of molybdenum disulfide in the plastic industry? 

Molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) is a wear-resistant additive mainly used in nylon plastics. It acts as a crystallizing agent to improve the crystallinity of nylon and make the nylon material form a hard and wear-resistant surface. This kind of powder has high affinity with metals. After being adsorbed on the metal surface, the molecules of moly disulfide will block the microscopic pores on the metal surface that can only be seen by a microscope, making the metal surface smoother. In this regard, MoS2 is an ideal wear-resistant additive for nylon-metal friction.

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The global plastics industry is large and growing. Driven by new products such as gas storage tanks, shipping tanks and clear plastic containers, the growing demand for larger parts with more complex designs and better performance will continue to require more injection molding equipment and tooling. Moly disulfide will continue to function as it always has, providing the fluoroplastics industry with greater strength, stability, durability and high surface quality.

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