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CTIA's 2021 Tungsten Raw Materials & Cemented Carbide Research Annual Forum, Shanghai

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CTIA‘s 2021 Tungsten Raw Materials & Cemented Carbide Research Annual Forum, Shanghai

From October 18th to 19th, the "2021 China (Shanghai) Tungsten Raw Material Industry Development High-end Forum" was successfully held in Shanghai. Four Highlights of High-End Forums: Clear positioning, clear overall design ideas, closely related to the current development theme of the tungsten industry

The theme of the forum is "Strengthening, Planning, Cooperating, and Win-Win". At the opening ceremony, the speeches of several leaders fully expounded this theme from different positions and different angles.

In recent years, China’s tungsten industry has continued to maintain steady development, and the pace of industrial upgrading has accelerated. However, it has also suffered from problems such as excessive consumption of primary resources, low industrial concentration, and serious product homogeneity. Work hard, strengthen research and development, strive for excellence, realize import substitution as soon as possible, minimize the "stuck neck", and continue to work together to jointly promote the development of the tungsten industry and achieve a win-win situation in the industry.

Huang Boyun, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE)

Huang Boyun, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) 

The experts and guests invited by the forum have deep attainments and high standards, and the content of their speeches is in line with the key to the development of the industry and meets the needs of the industry

In the afternoon round table forum session, the vice president of China Tungsten High-tech hosted by Gao Bo, Wu Gaochao, president of Xiamen Tungsten Group, Kuang Bing, Deputy General Manager of Jiangxi Tungsten Holdings, Li Chaochun, vice president of China Molybdenum Co., Ltd., (CMOC China) . There were in-depth exchanges and discussions on development, industry development trends, market changes, industry norms and self-discipline, green and low-carbon development, and industrial policy recommendations.

Several core guests are all experts who have been worked for tungsten industry many years, and they have unique insights into the history, current situation and future of the industry. In the face of the current complex and volatile international situation, only a "combination", that is, "coordination with each other, cohesion of the industry, and in-depth cooperation" can we move towards the era of cemented carbide in today's unprecedented changes in a century.

CTIA‘s 2021 Tungsten Raw Materials & Cemented Carbide Research Annual Forum, Shanghai


The report has a variety of arrangements, the theme of the report is closely related to the needs of the industry, and the dry goods are full, allowing the guests to have a deep experience and harvest. The issues discussed during the forum do not avoid difficulties, pain points, or cover up problems. Starting from the current situation of business operations, combining industry shortcomings, price trends, transformation directions, R&D and innovation and other corporate concerns, in line with the principle of seeking truth from facts , Launched an in-depth speech and discussion.

The interactive questioning session of the conference also changed the embarrassing situation of no one asking questions at the conference. The questions were actively asked, and the responses of the guests who answered were deeply inspiring to the industry. By the end of the afternoon conference, almost no one left the venue. Everyone is looking forward to having more dry goods and points to learn from!

The meeting was organized efficiently and in an orderly manner. Before the conference, Tungsten Association spent more than half a year visiting member companies; during the conference, adjustments were made at any time according to the needs and guests. From the details of the conference "registration arrangement" and "seat table" meticulous printing, it reflects that under the leadership of the new team, the Tungsten Association is facing new tasks, taking on new actions, not forgetting the original intention, and providing long-term, high-quality products for enterprises in the tungsten industry. Service!

Immediately after the conference, many industry seniors and member companies expressed their recognition and heartfelt thanks to this forum!

The conference was well organized, with clear themes and prominent points. Whether it is government officials, experts and scholars, business leaders, enterprise technical personnel, and association leaders, the reporting level is very high, which has pointed out a clear direction for the future development of China's tungsten industry. As an old a of China Tungsten Industry, I have a lot of emotion and thank all my brothers and sisters for their hard work.

--Gao Zairong, Director and General Manager of Greenlife (Hunan) High-tech Materials Co., Ltd.

Thanks to the leaders for their encouragement and support to Ming Taishun. This meeting is very meaningful, and we have learned a lot. The speeches delivered by representatives of enterprises and experts have gained a lot, thank you again!

--Long Xiaoli, Chairman of Sichuan Mingtaishun Cemented Carbide Co., Ltd.

In-Depth Exploration of "Enterprise Empowerment"

During the meeting, when Minghe had a special exchange with many entrepreneurs, he found that everyone mentioned one word-enterprise empowerment. This also triggered Minghe's thinking about the core competitiveness of the industry. Is it raw materials, equipment, technology or talents? We gradually found the answer through communication.

Hanns, CEO of China Tungsten Online, Sugang, Secretary General of CTIA.

Hanns, CEO of China Tungsten Online, Sugang, Secretary General of CTIA.

During the Round Table Forum, Kuang Bing, deputy general manager of Jiangxi Tungsten Holdings, mentioned the future direction of Jiangxi Tungsten's focus: smelting cost reduction, technological innovation, internal management and organizational innovation and improvement, intelligent transformation of mines, and safety support in five areas. All of them are very grounded and highly maneuverable. After the meeting, we had a brief conversation with the general manager of Company A, a subsidiary of Jiangxi Tungsten. He mentioned that after taking office, Jiangxi's new team has become more pragmatic, paying particular attention to technological innovation and respecting talents. From his calm smile, we can see The development and transformation of Jiang Tungsten.

Kuang Bing, Deputy General Manager of Jiangxi Tungsten Holdings

Kuang Bing, Deputy General Manager of Jiangxi Tungsten Holdings

COMMON VIEWS, CTIA‘s 2021 Tungsten Raw Materials & Cemented Carbide Research Annual Forum, Shanghai

China has the largest tungsten resource reserves in the world, and is also the world's largest tungsten producer, consumer and trading country. In this annual meeting, the industry benchmarking comparison report made by Dr. Zhou Peng of China Tungsten High-tech Materials made many participants ashamed. Compared with Sandvik, the prominent market positioning of China's tungsten industry is narrow, and data such as single service capability and low labor productivity are still disturbing. How to quickly catch up with benchmark companies and accelerate the development of the industry is the most important topic for practitioners in the current tungsten industry. Many people feel that the conference is still unfulfilled and the reason why they do not want to leave is that everyone is waiting for answers.

1. Industry alliances to realize independent innovation of products and technologies, from the absorption and introduction of products to positive research and development

In 2020, driven by the variables of the new crown epidemic, China's economy has undergone a major turning point, and the tungsten industry is no exception. The fundamental driving force for product upgrades, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement must come from strong investment in technology. The association can organize joint research and development of general technology, organize universities and related enterprises, social resources, etc., to overcome industry problems, share technological achievements, and reduce The investment in R&D cost of a single enterprise. In future annual meetings, specific methods and tools for corresponding technological innovations can be added.

CTIA‘s 2021 Tungsten Raw Materials & Cemented Carbide Research Annual Forum, Shanghai

2. Accelerate the automation and intelligence level of the industry, invest in low-cost automation equipment, accelerate the replacement of labor, and reduce the impact of labor shortage on enterprise development

In the last link of the forum, the hot topic of labor shortage was raised, but no one found an effective way. Simply raising wages will not solve the problem, and the increased costs brought about by it cannot be borne by the enterprise in the long term. The association can set up an industry automation equipment research alliance to bring companies and equipment manufacturers together, invest together, share the results of equipment use, and promote the rapid improvement of the industry's automation and intelligence level.

3. Ensuring safe production in the industry, promoting low-carbon and green sustainable development, and discussing how to promote zero-carbon mines and zero-carbon enterprises

Safety, zero-carbon, green, and sustainable development are the consensus of the participants, and core sensitive matters such as corporate secrets are not involved. Future industry forums should continue to exchange experience, organize mutual visits and visits, learn from experience, and share operating methods. Especially in the fields of safety education and training, environmental protection management methods, dual-carbon response measures, etc., build the same platform, co-construct content, share methods, and share ideas, and strive to be at the forefront of the development of the non-ferrous industry.

4. Enterprise management reform, all-round empowerment; accelerating industry talent training

To make up for shortcomings and develop high-quality tungsten industry, it needs enterprise empowerment and talent team building. After all, the competition of enterprises is the competition of outstanding talents. China Tungsten High-tech has established the "China Tungsten Academy". Chairman Li Zhongze and other leaders personally preached and accepted the profession. The association can organize corresponding sub-forums, extract the cases, experiences, lessons, etc. accumulated by exploring enterprises in management and talent training, and exchange, share and disseminate during the conference, so that more small and medium-sized enterprises can find ways to cultivate talents. The path, through enterprise reform and management upgrade, to get out of development difficulties and improve development efficiency.